Déjà vu, all over again (again)

How level was my playing field?

In all my many years as a Gartner analyst, I could put my hand on my heart and honestly swear that the Magic Quadrant assessment process was wholly impartial. Every vendor, client or not, had the same chance of being accurately – or, for that matter, inaccurately – depicted. I’m not sure I could say the same today. Readers of this blog will know there have been a couple of occasions in […]

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If I drink poison, will the Gartner analyst die?


Every week or two, we hear the same complaint from at least one company. “The analyst we deal with is an idiot,” the CMO will tell us. “He simply doesn’t understand this market and we’re thinking our best approach is to ignore him.” In the UK, there is a weekly national lottery, with a top prize of several million pounds. The chance of actually winning this prize is 1 in 14 million, […]

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A Magic Quadrant Tale of Three Acquisitions


One question we often hear is “Is there a real impact to inclusion in a Gartner Magic Quadrant?” Frankly, the answer is obvious, but the evidence is often hard to pin down. For many of the smaller, more ambitious growth companies we meet, there is also another question that is particularly important. Is a better assessment going to boost the company’s valuation and help management find the right exit path? Interestingly, we […]

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Lifting the Lid on the Black Box


“The genius of our product is inside this Black Box.” Innovative ideas are precious and rare. For many firms, there is just one technology or technique that forms that vital market differentiator. If this key idea escapes from the box, competitors may pounce and a market advantage may be lost. But there’s a dilemma here. The analyst who is assessing your offering and your business will not give you any credit for […]

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Tips for Gartner Symposium Survival


I was at Gartner for 19 years, latterly group vice-president for the software research group and head of analyst associate development. Having attended (and survived) Symposium as an associate, I wanted to share some inside tips that could make your Symposium experience more valuable.  Have a plan: select the sessions you want to attend and the Gartner people you want to meet with. The list of people should go beyond analysts. For […]

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The New Gartner Interactive Magic Quadrant


Gartner has recently announced that an enhanced version of the Magic Quadrant will be released on 29 July. So what’s driving this change, what is it, and what does it mean? This is our first look at this new capability. Here comes MQ 2.0 The Gartner MQ has not really changed its physical appearance since its original introduction. The famous two-by-two matrix and dots started life on paper and were effectively shifted […]

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A Midsize Problem


Some months ago a client of ours while talking to one of the Gartner analysts who covered them, learned, to their delight, that the analyst had recently given a particular prospect a clear steer in their direction. “They’re a mid-sized company and they asked for my advice on relevant vendors, so I told them you guys were definitely relevant for small and mid-sized enterprises,” the analyst said. But nothing happened. Our client […]

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Whose responsibility is my analyst coverage?

My responsibility?

Whose job is it to make sure you get the coverage you deserve? Is the onus on the analyst, or on the firm seeking coverage? These are key questions – and if you want to know what the industry thinks, you’ll find some interesting survey responses in this posting. I raised this urgent topic in a couple of professional LinkedIn groups recently and my ad hoc research brought in a flood of […]

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Oops, Gartner Tilted the Playing Field Again

How level was my playing field?

I don’t necessarily expect everyone to be excited at the news that the 2013 Application Performance Monitoring Magic Quadrant assessment is under way. It’s a specialist field, and only a few dozen companies will be directly involved. But this year, this is one MQ that looks like raising vital issues for every IT vendor that wants to be featured in the relevant Magic Quadrant – or that has ever worried about how […]

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MQ Pistols at Dawn


One of the innocent pleasures of life in the analyst relations business is the opportunities it sometimes offers to watch respected specialists crossing swords in public. The allegations, the counterblasts, the challenges, the clicking of heels and the slapping down and picking up of gauntlets – there’s nothing quite like a good duel to settle an argument. So the public tussle last October between Michael Rasmussen and Gartner’s French Caldwell has been […]

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